I still can't believe the Japanese voted like that O_o

I almost got up from my chair and started a victory dance :D My lips will stay tight shut to avoid a massive spoiler, but, let’s just say : FUCK YEAH !!!
Desu, Darkfire : AWESOME ! :twisted:

Allright, what may I say about this manga ?
– This manga is precisely about what happens when something litterally look too good to be true
– Technically not much of a scenario, but, genius idea, at the end of the first half the Japanese readers were asked to vote to chose in which direction the story was going to continue O_o Good job Japan.
– GREAT drawings, a teen girl with dream tits, a nice pussy, a hairband, a hot face frequently burning with pent up lust, loving vaginal and anal sex, with very intense sex drawings ? YAY !
– happy sex with love =)
– Suspense : I’ve been on tenterhooks the whole time I’ve been reading

My other Takenoko Seijin shares are… Different. There’s an exhilerating hentai UFO, Chisay Akusay G-Fusen. And more “serious” works :You Are Just A Maid, When You Let Go Of my hand (almost entirely uncensored version) and Falling Rain.

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