You’ll probably see me testing various file hosts in the following days, when you see I’m offering a new host, if you try it, thanks to report if was straight dead for you (like turbobit and letitbit sometimes banning US visitors and telling them the links are dead) and where you’re from :)

If you’re lazy, check to see of other persons already reported – or not – being in the same situation as you ;)


Another idea, I’m now seriously thinking of getting a “my own zip file host” system, there are scripts for that on the internet.
Something like a mediafire-like, except that user uploads would be disabled, only the admin could upload his stuff. And the file would be shared, with small restrictions for free users, without restrictions for paying members (hoping not to butthurt anyone, but server costs are server costs, and I’d want my tip from all the time and effort).
This way I’d be sure the files would stay alive and work well, for everyone. With less fear that a paranoid file host would close down without warning à la filesonic or would start banning Americans are more and more file hosts, and that all my uploading time would have been for naught in the end :-/

What do you think of it, I hope you don’t think it would make me a sort of evil abuser ? Honestly, I care about your opinion, voice yourself :)