american porn rules ? No way !

Ouch ! My ribs ! MY RIBS !! 8-)

A new dutch wife, fresh blood, helped a lot, and this 6th volume is so far killing me as much as volume 3 (modestly nicknamed by myself “the most hilarious manga in the universe“), ten minutes after reading it I’m still laughing :lol:

My sincere thanks to SolarisSVU who brought us this jewel among the jewels :)

UPDATE : I added chapter #44 to this pack.

The list of the complete Yuria 100 Shiki volumes :
vol. 1 – and – vol. 2 – and – vol. 3 – and – vol. 4 – and – vol. 5

More ribs-shredding examples ? Let me see… Pole dancing with an unusual pole, shinobi hentai moves, fake good ideas like wrestling 2 women in a row to make them shut up (there are better solutions, just say it clearly, or if you’re french, sing it), and a creepy loli vinyl dutch wife of hell :lol:

Read the rest of : Yuria 100 Shiki volume 6, chapters 41-42-43-44 [English, 85 pictures] (130 words)