Sigh, how long will it last -_-

Since the unbeatable volume 3, in my opinion the funniest manga in the multiverse, each Yuria 100 Shiki has been losing its edge and humorous intensity :roll:

Oh well, it’s still very fun to read :)

This volume features a new futanari dutch wife :wtf:

Thanks a lot to the Solaris SVU guys who brought us such a long serie :) If you find the last volumes a bit too “lukewarm”, take a breather, take the time to read again the volumes 1-3, you’ll definitely enjoy it again ! :D

The complete list of the Yuria 100 Shiki volumes :
vol. 1 –– vol. 2 –– vol. 3 –– vol. 4 –– vol. 5 –– vol. 6 vol. 7vol. 8

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