There were certain aesthetic qualities to that picture, I feel :)

At first I was reluctant to sharing it when I first discovered the Ecstasy Mother and Child compilation : this is mother incest ( = me not interested), and this is a compilation tank, not a volume drawn by one single artist. However, we now reached 3 volumes, I think it’s gotten enough potential to please a good number of people, eventually ;)
Credits and several thanks are for the late Tomodachiguis members, for the volume 1, and for the rest, Fated Circle commissioned by Setebos : good job and thank you ! :)

The stories are almost all fap’n’go, brainless happy sex, with on rare occasions a deeper story line almost managing to be moving, or an amusing story (the “legendary masochist” father kept me giggling for a whole minute ^^)
I noted the names of the artists when they were written (90% of the time, by rule of thumb) : Shiroishi Nagisa, Mitsuka Hattori, Chisagawa Renji, Sitsui Sasuke, Renji Ogawa, Purupyon Saitou, Nagisa Shiraishi, Keiichi Kishida, Kotaro Uoman, Kouji Naito, Sasuke Muroi, Enraku Shoryutei, Minako Nami, Harurun, Omapu, Nagisa No Usagi, Satochizu, Yokoyama Rinchi, and Koujin Kishi.
Lastly, to my surprise, the art was pretty decent most of the time (with the noticeable exception of Yokoyama Rinchi, not even deserving the title “artist”, whose drawings made Jeanne D’Ack’s style resemble fine art). I can’t tell much about the actual “arousal factor”, mother incest is a theme that leaves me totally flaccid, I leave the rest up to you :o

english hentai english hentai english hentai

I created a pictures gallery per volume :
Volume 1 : main gallery – or – backup gallery
Volume 2 : main gallery – or – backup gallery
Volume 3 : main gallery – or – backup gallery

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai