The first chapter features reverse chikan. A mixed-blood good-looking virgin male entering by accident the woman’s only train car couldn’t stand a single chance. Mind you, he enjoyed it a whole lot :)

Credits are for DGB and Setebos for the chapters 2-6, and Hei and Yin for the just newly released right now chapter 1, with Seth as the generous commissioner. I must thank Seth a lot, for bringing life back to this manga ! :)

The other chapters were already released in the past, they were not new. But I think this way, offering a single repack, it’s simpler and clearer for everyone :) These other chapters were known as : Debauchery The Yamato Nadeshiko School Fair, Honeymoon, First Love, After School Boob Club, and Hitomi’s Cherry Red Lips.
Some chapters are just extremely well-drawn uncomplicated happy sex with bonus humour, but some other chapters, ah ! When hentai is not just porn, when sex is more than just having sex, it’s SO much better ! Some chapters display real adult stories in all ways, with deep love and serious feelings, touching, reminding us that love is a sort of miracle to cherish… I lived precious moments when reading that manga, I hope you felt or will feel that way, you too :)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

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